Seven Key Moves

Spring has just about sidled in – and has it brought a spring to your step? Who’s thoughts have been gently prodded with ideas of dusting off bikes, digging out running shoes, popping out to check over the garden or just going for a longer walk with the dog?


If so – and if not! – then there won’t be many of us out there who wouldn’t benefit from a little targetted fitness boosting.


Below are seven quick and accessible suggestions to sneak into your day.

Phew! – SEVEN???!!! But remember the ‘One at a Time’ Rule:

“Add one, habitise it, add another, habitise it… etc…”

I may have just made up the word habitise. Dictionary-additions aside, these are all:

  1. Physio-Endorsed – a bonus when pondering which exercises are worth doing
  2. Working multiple areas & having multiple benefits


pelvictiltsquad1. PELVIC TILT – the Grandaddy of ‘core stability’ type exercises – often good for stiff backs, achy backs, the less fit and able and a great all-rounder – can be done kneeling but also in sitting – accessible anywhere!

Directions: Tilt pelvis forwards by RELAXING stomach muscles & letting LOWER back curve DOWN towards the floor (whilst keeping upper back & shoulders steady), pause, reverse to curve lower back UP towards the ceiling via ‘tucking your tail under’ & GENTLY ENGAGING stomach muscles

balance2. BALANCE –  Utterly essential! Works myriad muscles, great for your brain, needs particular attention as we age but relevant for every age group to improve and maintain

Directions: Stand on one leg and wave your arms and legs around for 30 seconds! A few moves are shown; vary, improvise and add your own


3. KNEE ROLLS – gently rotates and eases the shoulders/back/hips and more…


Directions: Lie on your back, knees bent – yes that’s a stickman with bent knees – then with a controlled movement LOWER both knees to one side, pause at a comfortable low point with shoulders remaining on the floor, return to the centre and repeat on the other side

bridge4. BRIDGING – great for easing backs, stretching hips & getting glutes (buttock muscles) firing

Directions: Flatten lower back into floor then SQUEEZE glutes & PEEL spine from bottom upwards up off the floor, taking HIPS as high as comfortable, pause then gently RELEASE  glutes to lower hips  and ROLL spine back onto to the floor

greyhound25. THE LENGTHEN – 101 variations of this one, great for stretching, trunk control, backs & shoulders & more

Directions: Begin as shown, take one straight arm overhead whilst sliding heel of opposite leg away from you, thinking ‘LENGTHEN SPINE’ throughout; pause & return


press-ups (stickmen)(1)6. PRESS-UPS – good for upper body strength and trunk control plus gets loads of different muscles going

Directions: In standing; hands at shoulder height, body in a straight line ‘plank’, bend arms at elbows to lower body towards wall & return. Feeling strong? Do it on the floor as shown below

lunge7. LUNGES – wonderful stability, balance, co-ordination and strength exercise

Directions: Stand with a wide-ish stance, hips facing forwards, bend at hips & knees to lower self VERTICALLY downwards – only lower to point where an UPRIGHT trunk with both hips and knees facing FORWARDS can be maintained (lose these positions and you’re cheating!)



Each exercise can be made easier, harder and different, but you’ll have to speak to me directly for those as I want to HOLD your attention with these articles! Happy playing and see you next month.


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