Slopes, Slips & Stability

iceslideSpring is occasionally in the air this month but for most of us Winter has certainly not yet run its course; tentative walking on icy surfaces is still a likely feature and some of you may be deliberately heading to snowier and icier climes – skiing/boarding anyone?

Be you increasing your carbon footprint on foreign slopes or just doing your best to stay upright on slippery paths and pavements in the UK, there are a few key points worth knowing and moves worth integrating into your routine to keep you fit and healthy and keep injury at bay.20160402_125205.3

CARDIOVASCULAR ENDURANCE: there’s an awful lot to be said for just getting out and getting your heart rate up a bit, be it walking, cycling, running, whatever. Cycling is particularly good for prospective skiers as it works a lot of the same muscle groups, but really anything is good.

STABILITY: improve this and you stand a better chance of stopping a slide before it turns into a fall. Here’re are a couple of my ‘while you clean your teeth/boil the kettle/watch paint dry’ ideas:



BOUNCE: Start standing upright with feet hip width apart. Drop your centre of gravity downwards a few inches by bending slightly at your hips and knees – side-on to a mirror you should see your knees and hips flexing slightly but your trunk staying nicely upright and vertical – ensure that you’re not leaning forwards or tucking your bottom underneath you (as shown). Repeat this movement in a gently bouncing fashion, keeping legs parallel and maintaining technique keeping trunk and pelvis vertical and steady. After a few repetitions you should notice that the effort for this is felt in the front of your thighs and your bottom.

Once you’ve mastered this bouncing movement – and don’t be fooled as many of you won’t find it as easy as you think you will to gently bounce up and down without moving your pelvis and upper body from that vertical position – try shifting your weight more onto one foot for a few bounces, then over onto the other foot.




LUNGES: try these once you’ve mastered the Bounce. Begin as shown then lower your hips vertically downwards, exactly as you were doing for the bouncing. Only lower as far as you are able whilst keeping the points above in mind – trunk vertical, hips forwards, pelvis steady, knees in line (watch for them rolling in towards each other – this is cheating!) The lower you go, the harder it is!




BALANCE: What’s yours like? Stand on one leg with minimal wobble. Can you do it? Can you do it with your eyes closed? Can you do it with a ‘bounce-bend’ as above whilst fastidiously sticking to the ‘trunk vertical, pelvis level, knee forward’?

STRETCHES: Here are a couple to have a go at to ease up hips and backs:

1. Hip Stretch: Pull one knee into your chest and hold it there with both hands, then straighten the other leg as much as you can whilst keeping your heel on the floor & hold for 30 secs

2. Body Stretch: Lie on your back, arms out to the sides, knees bent & feet on floor. Keeping your shoulders on the floor and keeping knees together, roll your legs to one side and lower them down towards the floor as far as is comfortable and hold a stretch for 30 secs

Stay upright, unless you’re making snow angels, and stay safe and well!20160403_103052.1

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Mar 01, 2017 by Chris

Made my first appointment with Julie because of intense back pain. She very quickly deduced what the problem was and devised an individualized set of exercises which brought immediate relief and has enabled me to manage my back issues. Thank you.

Sports Massage Therapy, Remedial massage, Physiotherapy // Calder Massage, Hebden Bridge , USA 5.0 5.0 1 1 Made my first appointment with Julie because of intense back pain. She very quickly deduced what the problem was and devised an individualized set of exercises which brought immedi

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